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Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity. It is a vector quantity and has both magnitude (speed) and direction. An object has an acceleration when its magnitude of speed and/or direction changes. When an object moves on a straight path and only changes its speed, it accelerates. Its acceleration is the rate of change of its speed. When an object moves on a curved path, it accelerates because it always changes in direction regardless of its speed which may or may not change. The SI unit for acceleration is the meters per second squared (m/s²).

So when you are running fast, are you accelerating? Now you know the answer. When you are increasing your speed while running (change in speed), you are accelerating. When you are running and making a turn on a curved track (change in direction), you are accelerating.
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When you are running fast, are you accelerating?
It depends. You can be running fast and still not be accelerating. If you are running at a constant speed on a straight path (i.e., no change in speed and direction), you are not accelerating. Acceleration has nothing to do with how fast an object moves.